Facility Photos- Lone Wolf Arena | Cleveland, MO - Kansas City Metro Area
Lone Wolf Arena Cleveland MO

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Facility Photos- Click Images to Enlarge

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Lone Wolf Ranch Arena

North West Corner

South West Corner Wall

arena indoor

North West Corner


North Side - Stall Rows outside of Arena

Facing North from South Side of Indoor Arena

East Side of Arena & Announcer's Stand

Warm Up Area, East End of Covered Arena

North West Corner Inside Arena

East Wall from Alley Way of Arena

Covered Warm-Up Area East End


Bleachers on Right, Arena on Left

Crows Nest/Announcer's Booth

Warm Up/Holding Pen Area

Covered Warm-Up/Holding Pen Area

Covered Warm-Up/Holding Pen Area

Indoor Arena Being Worked

Covered Warm up and Tie-Out Area West End of Arena

View from West End of Arena

Covered Tie-Out and Viewing Area

Stall Rows

alley way, stall area


12x12 Stalls

Stalls (Left), Alley Way, Arena (Right)

Climate Controled Lobby/Dining Area

Inside Western Addictions Country Outfitter's Store On-site

Cowboy Cafe

Western Addictions Country Outfitter's Store On-site - Tack/ Jewelry, Accessories & ADM Feed


Bleachers and Viewing Area

West End of Arena

Alley Way- Arena Entrance

Trailer Parking, Portable Pens, Tie-Outs

huge parking area with grazing

View of the Arena/Stables

More Trailer Parking

Outdoor Arena for Warm-Up & Exercising









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